Wednesday, January 04, 2017

HyperloopOne - Global Challenge

Para finalizar los 3 posts dedicados a Hyperloop One, os muestro a continuación de qué se trata el Global Challenge.

Peter Diamandis on the Hyperloop One Global Challenge (by Hyperloop One) to register or for more info
Peter Diamandis, XPRIZE founder and executive chairman, and also a founding board member of Hyperloop One, encourages entries for our Hyperloop One Global Challenge, a first-of-its-kind competition aiming to identify and select locations around the world with the potential to develop and construct the world’s first hyperloop networks. (Music by the amazing Zoë Keating:
Visit: to register or for more info.
Hyperloop One is seeking to collaborate with applicants who put their minds and talents to the test. If you have powerful ideas and are interested in reinventing transportation in your region to move cargo and passengers immediately, safely, efficiently, and sustainably so that your businesses grow, your economies flourish, and your communities thrive then enter now!

Entre otros proyectos, se está estudiando la aplicación de la tecnología desarrollada por Hyperloop One en la conexión entre las siguientes ciudades:

  • Stockholm - Helsinki
  • Geneve - St. Gallen
  • Los Angeles - 2Surrounding Areas"

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