Thursday, January 21, 2016

Slack 3/5 - teamwork without mail

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Para conocer el funcionamiento de esta aplicación llamada Slack, que trata de sustituir al correo como herramienta para el trabajo en equipo....

Slack - Make Channels. Not Emails
Qué os parece si vemos un par de vídeos...

"So Yeah, We Tried Slack..." by Slack

We tried to get Adam and the Sandwich video team to make us a video. They didn't want to because "products like that never work". Six months later, they were using it. Seven months later they were in love. A month after that they were shooting this video …

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Communicating with Channels (by Slack)

In Slack, public and private channels help organize your team conversations. Public channels give greater visibility into what various teams are doing across the organization; they’re also a great place for gathering alerts and notifications from other services you’re using. Here, we provide some tips on how you can organize your channels to make work more pleasant and productive.

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