Saturday, October 03, 2015

Timelapse decoración oficina a lo Star Wars con post-its

Vía el tweet de @chicageek "Decoración con post-its estilo Star Wars, lo que necesita tu oficina xD", encontré este curioso vídeo timelapse de unos que decidieron decorar su oficina a base de postits con temática Star Wars o Guerra de las Galaxias...

Star Wars Inspired Post-it Note Wall Art - Timelapse

After being inspired by Ben Brucker's superhero wall art, we let a small team loose in the office with a big stack of post-it notes and an imagination brimming with anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars film.

In the end it took a team of four people about five hours to complete the murals, and the designs and planning took about an hour. We used 3,597 post-it notes in total.

We are really proud of what the team have created and we wanted to share the project with the world. To read more about how we came up with the designs and the execution of the project you can read about it here:

You can seen other comments and imagery on Reddit & Imgur released by the designers:

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