Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mac 'n' Cheese - Supermarket (by Colorbled)

El vídeo Mac 'n' Cheese - Supermarket, que se podría llamar todo por la pasta, es un cortometraje en dibujos animados que encontré en Vimeo y que quiero compartir con los lectores de este blog...

Mac 'n' Cheese - Supermarket (by Colorbled)

"Mac 'n' Cheese - Supermarket" is an animated short directed and created by Colorbleed Animation Studios, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This short film was established by the "Ultrakort" fund, a collaboration between SNS Reaal Fonds, Pathé and Het Nederlands Filmfonds. Synopsis: In part 2 of the popular "Mac 'n' Cheese" ( our two heroes find themselves low on cash, taking a job at the local supermarket seems to be the solution to all of their problems. The first day runs by smoothly, but a final task makes things turn for the worst...
Follow them on a desperate but exciting chase for cash and riches.

Directed and created by: Colorbleed Animation Studios
Produced by: il Luster Films
Music by: Raak Music
Foley and Mix by: Bob Kommer Studios

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