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En el post de hoy os presento Gigoing - share your skills and gain new experiences around the World.

Gigoing es una web en la que pueden realizarse viajes con estancia gratuita a cambio de compartir tus habilidades con otra persona del país destino. Por ejemplo:

Aquí algunos ejemplos de usuarios de Gigoing que han viajado a Mozambique o USA a cambio de una serie de trabajos y habilidades que han realizado:

Para finalizar el post, nada mejor que visualizar en el vídeo en el que se ve cuál es plan de trabajo de Gigoing para trabajar con sus posibles clientes:

Gigoing Share your skills and gain new experiences around the world
By Basilico Studio
Gigoing is a web platform that promotes exchange between locations or establishments and home users around the world.
Gigoingers are travellers that want to share their skills and time with the establishment, culture seekers or language learners, in exchange for food and accommodation during their stay or anything else that can be agreed freely between both parties.
Gigplaces are establishments, organizations, families or anyone who is looking for help in their place. Gigplaces can take advantage of the skills and professional knowledge of travellers and reduce their expenses, by providing basic services that allow them to explore the world more easily, economically and safely.
Gigoing is a response to the rapid changes in the economy and modern technology, which have caused an increase in freelancers in the job market and enabled travellers to have access to a wider range of destinations. The site functions as an intermediary, offering users the opportunity to carry out volunteering exchanges in diverse environments in return for accommodation and board. The user benefits from the unique chance to refine their skill-set and achieve personal and professional growth, at an affordable cost..

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