Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 años de Twitter

El 21 de Marzo de 2013 se cumplió el séptimo aniversario de Twitter, una herramienta de microblogging que ha revolucionado por completo la comunicación mundial gracias a su inmediatez y a su forzada simplicidad por los 140 caracteres.

Twitter fue creada/fundada por Jack Dorsey en 2006, pero ni él mismo era consciente del éxito que iba a tener...

Twitter celebrates 7 years

Microblogging platform Twitter, which is now seven years old, has some biggest moments that helped propel it as a social networking powerhouse.
From presidential death threats, to spontaneous social uprisings, to salacious celebrity self-portraits, Twitter has proven itself an addictive form of self-expression, as well as an efficient means for distributing information.
According to the New York Daily News, the first biggest moment was on March 21, 2006, when Twitter founder Jack Dorsey fired up the world's first, and rather unassuming, tweet on the nascent site.
"Just setting up my twitter," Dorsey wrote. Seven years later, Twitter boasts 200 million active users who fire off more than 400 million tweets per day.
Second is the uprising in Iran. It sparked a wave protests that eventually became known as the Green Movement erupted across the country, the paper said.
Also dubbed the "Twitter Revolution," the sudden uprising drew millions of Iranians into the streets and elicited an unprecedented number of tweets about a political election.
Third is Haiti earthquake response. With communication infrastructure badly damaged in the 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, journalists utilized mobile networks to post Twitter messages and photos that helped spread news about the disaster.
Fourth is Osama bin Laden raid leak. On May 1, 2011, a 33-year-old IT consultant in Pakistan named Sohaib Athar unwittingly scooped the world press regarding the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
"Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1am (is a rare event)." Athar wrote in a now-famous tweet.
Fifth is Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The response to the earthquake on Twitter validated the site as a place to go for information as well as to vent feelings of grief.
According to the paper, sixth is US Presidential Barack Obama's victory embrace. Over 31 million tweets were sent on Nov. 6 about the 2012 election, but none had greater impact than the one posted by the winner of the presidential race himself.
Last and seventh is Pope Francis takes over @pontifex. On March 13, over 7 million tweets about the papacy were posted and, in response to Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran's announcement that a new pope had been selected, tweets were posted at a rate of 130,000 per minute.
Since @jack first tweeted in 2006, Twitter has become a global town square. Thanks to all of you, our open, real-time platform is thriving: well over 200 million active users send more than 400 million Tweets every day. Here's to your creativity, curiosity and experimentation on our platform. We're gratified that so many millions of you have made Twitter yours. Thank you.

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