Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anuncio de Brother - The times they're a changing

Hoy quiero mostraros un interesante anuncio de la marca de impresoras Brother con la canción de Bob Dylan The times they're a changing realizada como homenaje a todo el hardware antiguo...

Brother Printer Orchestra behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Brother Printer Orchestra - introducing Print 3.0. The next generation of printer technology, from Brother. To launch their new state-of-the-art-printer, we decided to create a full-scale orchestra, made entirely out of discarded relics from the old world of printing. Printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, modems, hard drives -- a scrapheap symphony, reprogrammed and rewired to perform Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'". Because the old world of printing has come to an end. And this is their swansong.

Directed by Chris Cairns from Partizan, this film came about after a month of sleepless nights. Fortunately, Chris shares an office with Isthisgood?, a team of expert technicians and interactive artists, including Neil Mendoza, Marek Bereza, Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith, and Justin Pentecost. To them fell the arduous task of making the discarded printer relics sing, through a rigorous process of soldering, reprogramming, hacking, and re-wiring. They even custom designed their own circuit board, so as to control all of the printers from one main computer. No one was prepared to cut corners. If this was going to be what we all hoped it would be, it had to be done for real. On the same scale as a true orchestra. During the strangest audition process he'd ever sat through, Chris narrowed the printer relics down to 103 hopefuls. Sadly, six lost their voices on the day of the shoot, but that still left us with a final orchestra of 97 machines, and a world first.

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