Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empty America 3 - Seattle

En el post de hoy os traigo la tercera y de momento última entrega de los vídeos en formato Timelapse sobre cómo quedarían las ciudades de Estados Unidos de America (USA) vacíos. El vídeo de hoy es Empty America 3 - Seattle.

Seattle Time Lapse (Empty America)

"Empty America" continues in Seattle with scenic sky and cityscapes, with beloved landmarks from the parks to the port, see the high-rolling clouds over Seattle's Space Needle through a beautiful black hole sun with not a person in sight.

Watch the behind the scenes video - (Ross Ching explains how he finds the locations he shoots for the timelapse)

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"Empty America" (a Thrash Lab Special directed by Ross Ching)
Music composed by David Adametz

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