Sunday, August 05, 2012

Energy Field (en World Expor Korea 2012)

Para los que tengan la oportunidad de visitar Korea durante la World Expo 2012, no os perdáis este "campo de energía" o Energy Field con este magnífico y espectacular resultado:

Energy Field - World Expo Korea 2012

GS Caltex Pavilion
World Expo 2012
Yeosu, South Korea
Immersive Walkable Interactive Light Environment
World's Biggest Walkable 3D Matrix Display
Programmed in VVVV

The GS Caltex pavilion is presented as a immersive light ensemble which, at first glance, is reminiscent of an outsized rice field. 380 fiber blades sway like grass in the wind with a height of 18 metres (59 feet). Touching activates individual sensitive blades and illuminates them. A centrally located star-shaped, mirrored pavilion building is optically withdrawn in its entirety. Via raised corners of the star, the visitor can gain access to the also mirrored entrance area on the ground floor. The centre of the pavilion is on the upper floor; a seven-metre-high round room with panoramic projection. Poetic images in a reduced black-and-white aesthetic convey the company’s readiness to assume responsibility with regard to sustainable energy concepts. (Text: Atelier Brückner)

Creative Lead / Director: Uwe Brückner, Marc Tamschick

VVVV Artist: Philipp Rahlenbeck
(Interaction Design, 3D Simulation, Software Development)
In collaboration with:
Peopleworks Promotion, South Korea
Knippers Helbig, Germany
ALTO, South Korea
medienprojekt p2, Germany
ITC, Germany
Kimchi & Chips, South Korea
Music by ‘The Field - From Here We Go Sublime’ (Kompakt)

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