Monday, June 11, 2012

Balcony on-demand (by Bloomframe)

Via el post "Harto de mirar por tu ventana como los vecinos hacen su vida en el balcón?" de , llegué hasta este curioso vídeo de marketing del "balcón plegable" de Bloomframe

Muy buena la idea de Bloomframe llamada "Balcony on-demand" que vendría a ser "balcón plegable" o "terraza a demanda"

Bloomframe® in production
Bloomframe®, the innovative window that morphs magically into a balcony at the touch of a button, is no longer a prototype. The Bloomframe® balcony is now available on the market in The Netherlands. The manufacturer Hurks geveltechniek obtained all the necessary certifications to transform the prototype into a safe and affordable building component. Its dimensions, colour and materials are all fully adaptable and can be custom-designed to complement the facade of new and existing buildings.

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