Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

El otro día, mientras iba en avión hacia Oviedo, leí un interesante artículo en la revista Spanorama de Spanair sobre el whisky más exclusivo del mundo. Según esta revista se trata del whisky Jack Daniel's Single Barrel de la marca Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.

A continuación transcribo el artículo:
The most exclusive whisky
"Jack Daniel founded the first registered destillery in the US in Tennessee (1866). Since then, the exact formula for Jack Daniel's whisky is one of the world's best kept secrets, even though the traditional manufacturing process is well known. The ingredients (corn, barley and rye) are carefully selected and fermented with pure water, without any iron, straight from the spring to the destillery. The whisky is then made smoother through a slow filtering process, drop by drop, through vegetable charcoal, before being left to mature for several years in burnt while oak barrel, where it takes on its characteristic colour, flavour and aroma. Single Barrel is the most exclusive whisky made by Jack Daniel's Distillery. It is left to mature in a specific area of the storehouse, where climatic variations are felt more strongly and each bottle, as the name suggests, is from separate barrel. Each barrel provides a limited number of bottles with their own characteristics. Ut to a few years ago, the only person who have the privilege of appreciating the effect that the different barrel woods had on the whysky was Jack Daniel's Master Distiller, Jimmy Bedford. Now it is a privilege that can be enjoyed by everyone."

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Javi said...

Cada dia dependo más de mi amigo Jack y esto me empieza a preocupar X-D