Monday, February 20, 2006

Ajax Translator

Today I've found an interesting and useful resource called AjaxTrans. That tool has been done by Joel Parish using AJAX.

I want to say that Ajax is a powerful development language technique for creating interactive web applications. The acronym of Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, and we can find that for instance on Gmail.

The purpouse of Ajax Translator is translate some sentences from English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French. I've done a test to view the results of translate a Spanish sentences to English, and the following are the results:

"Esta es una prueba de traducción de español a Inglés. No sé si funciona perfecto pero creo que al menos puede utilizarse. Mi blog se llama Emeshing"

"This is a test of translation of Spanish to English. I do not know if it works perfect but I believe that at least it can be used. My blog is called Emeshing"

Use the AjaxTrans is very simply: start typing any text you want to be translated into the green field. The words should be automatically translated into the language of your choice and appear in the bluish box. To switch languages, simply click on the language you would like to translate from and then proceed to select the language you would like to translate into. In order to swap the contents of the two boxes, use a double click.

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Javi said...

Interesante! Pues lo voy a probar..