Sunday, November 06, 2005

Manchester Utd 1 - Chelsea 0

Yesterday, I was watching the match between Manchester United and Chelsea in Old Tradford Stadium. The match was very amazing because of the power of the players to get ball on all the plays.

But Manchester United was more activing to get the match, and finally achives 3 point to Premier League. However, Chelsea is the leader of the League yet, because this one is the first match that it lost in this season. With this match lost, Chelsea can not achieves win matches record, that Arsenal gets yet.

Maybe Manchester United needs more that win than Chelsea, because Manchester has begun the League very irregular. While Chelsea hasn't be affected with this lost in the Premier leadership.

I think that the most valuous player of this match was Christiano Ronaldo, because of his attittude over the grass and his great technical plays.

Now Chelsea is not in the best moment of the year, because was out of the Cup by penalties after draw the match. Last Wednesday lost its match against Betis Balonpie in Champions League. Maybe the Chelsea's coach, José Mourinho, and all of Chelsea's players have to think which mistakes they are done.

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